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Caribbean canada commonwealth leaders dialogue


2021 (TBC)

Commonwealth Leaders Dialogue Canada in partnership with the University of the West Indies is delivering this innovative 7-day program on the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados.

Workplaces are becoming increasingly more inclusive and diverse, and leaders are being called upon to manage teams of people of varying ages with divergent geographical, cultural and professional backgrounds.

In this leadership program participants will work with peers from across the Commonwealth to share best practices and challenges. Building on the growing need for cultural intelligence, participants will be exposed to numerous organizations and leaders to explore the variety of ways in which sectors, even those from differing regions, are creating innovative solutions for sustainable economic growth.


The program combines three proven leadership learning components:

LEADERSHIP MODULES - Led by facilitators from The University of West Indies and the Institute for the Study of International Development, McGill University, participants experience workshops and team discussions, on key leadership competencies and are challenged to review their own leadership styles.

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING - In small groups, participants engage in-the-field over 3 days with senior leaders of business, labour, government, and civil society organizations, learning about sectoral leadership challenges, diversity, and best practices for success.

PEER LED DIALOGUES - Throughout the week, participants build trust in themselves and lead dialogues on some of the most challenging issues that are encountered within workplaces, organizations, and communities.

"The common experiences, the sharing of best practices, and the camaraderie built were invaluable. CCELD 2019 certainly got it right! The unparalleled combination of relevant presentations, cutting edge discussions and applicable experiential tours - all allowing for that (often missed) balance between the theory of leadership and its practical nuances."

- Clay Saunders, Sr. Manager, Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation


Commonwealth Leaders Dialogue Canada has been at the forefront of unique leadership programing in Canada for the past decade. The University of West Indies and Institute for the Study of International Development, McGill University, are both known for providing exceptional higher education in a number of disciplines. 

Together they present an outstanding program that provides:

  • Leadership learning that builds confidence in collaborative, diverse and ethical decision-making
  • A focus on innovation and thinking across boundaries
  • Participation in an alumni network that provides opportunities to connect and grow with leaders in all sectors.

"In my view, it is an unparalleled amalgamation of real world discussions, lectures and cutting edge experiences of outstanding leaders, subject area practitioners/experts and emerging leaders across the region. This exposure challenged me to critically assess the relevance of current organizational design, national and regional strategies and my leadership within the current and future context."

- Yvett Anderson, District Vice President, Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Limited


  • A diverse range of leaders from business, labour, government, Indigenous communities, public administration, and NGOs.
  • High-potential emerging leaders and star talent being developed for roles of increasing responsibility.
  • Mid-career executives and front line managers who are expected to take on more complex decision-making in a rapidly changing organizational environment.

"The Caribbean Canada [CLD] was an enriching and challenging experience, both personally and professionally. The collective experiences my group shared will no doubt live on in our leadership qualities as our careers evolve and expand, and I look forward to reconnecting with my fellow alumni in the future."

- Shannon Bradey, Sr. Policy Advisor, Lands and Minerals Sector Natural Resources Canada

REPORTED outcomes

Alumni from recently held Dialogues have reported:

    • Positive impact to their capabilities as leaders, with 88% affirming their expectation of the experience had been met;
    • Recurrent descriptor of leadership learning among alumni are "communicative, common ground, collaborative and connective";
    • Alumni describe key outcomes as a renewed understanding of authenticity in leadership, engaging across diverse perspectives to build trust and empathy, and a broader understanding in a collective quest for solutions to local challenges;
    • Alumni reported increased professional duties but also took up key responsibilities in their communities and among their peers - bringing change and innovation to these contexts.

During this unique in-field experience, participants develop key competencies in:

    • Diversity and cultural intelligence
    • Complex problem solving
    • Collaborative negotiation
    • Promotion of innovation
    • Inclusion and competitiveness
    • Ethical decision-making
    • Conflict management

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